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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

TRIBUS RESEARCH provides a full cycle market and marketing research, as well as development of separate stages of research in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) and beyond. We provide also business consultations and training on execution of research.

Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Innovative and experimental methods. Local and international projects.

Customer Research

Satisfaction, touch points, 360º evaluation.

Brand Research

Value, loyalty, awareness.

Specific Target Groups

B2B, doctors, other tailored solutions.

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Fresh sight.

Reasonable offers.

Luxury service.

Our Story

We enjoy what we do.

Our approach is characterized by openness, flexibility, choice and a creative work process. Some quick interviews or large surveys, Excel spreadsheets or interactive online solutions, short or long term, classic or innovative methods, help in one stage of the research or a set of all research processes - these are the things we are excited about. And we explain results in an understandable - simple, but meaningful way.

We care for the development of our customers.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Apply for a free consultation about  your market research needs, receive a feedback about your idea or request our offer for your company!

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