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About Us

Our Story

Our approach​

We created market research studio TRIBUS RESEARCH with a mission to help companies to find and to realize their maximum potential here and now. We operate in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) and beyond.

Our approach is characterized by openness, flexibility, choice and a creative work process. Some quick interviews or large surveys, Excel spreadsheets or interactive online solutions, short or long term, classic or innovative methods, help in one stage of the research or a set of all research processes - these are the things we are excited about. And we explain results in an understandable - simple, but meaningful way.

We like to understand things and processes, so we delve into the issues and needs of our customers. Our passion for research forces us to look for the most appropriate solutions in any situation.


More than 13 years of experience allow us to do our job professionally. Use of technological solutions allows us to do it effectively.

We care for the development of our customers.

We care about the quality of research, so we provide training for those interested in research and to those who want to conduct research themselves.


We believe that the key to meaningful research is in the details.

To affirm our international and local quality standards - we are represented in ESOMAR and The Latvian Sociological Association.

Santa Usāne / Tribus Research

Santa Usane, Dr.

Santa Usane has been in a market and social research field for more than 13 years. She specializes in complex research methodologies and customer research from several angles be it private or legal persons research. She holds a doctor's degree in Sociology from the University of Latvia. She has an extensive experience leading large-scale local and international projects and helping businesses to grow in the Baltic States and beyond.

+371 26633506​

Krista Grāvīte / Tribus Research

Krista Gravite
Project Manager

Krista Gravite has professional knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research 

methodologies, as well as experience in fieldwork coordination. Her research interests are related to innovative and technological topics, nevertheless she takes great care of all projects she is working on.

She is detail-oriented and determined in her work – these are skills that she 

applies in delivering quality research every day.

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